Jumanne, 4 Februari 2014


First Couple Testing"TANZANIA WITHOUT AIDS IS POSSIBLE!". A Campaign slogan during the National HIV Testing Campaign which was launched by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania in Dar es salaam on 14th July 2007.
He launched a nation-wide HIV testing campaign in Dar es Salaam l . He and his wife, First Lady Salma, took the test, to demonstrate the importance of the drive for people to know their health status.
"HIV/Aids being a natural worldwide disaster, we as leaders should be in the front line to show our people what to do", said the President in his address at Mnazi Mmoja grounds.

The Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Prof David Mwakyusa, assured Tanzanians that his ministry would ensure that all people resident in Tanzania are able to test and know their health status. On their part, HIV/Aids sufferers in their remarks urged Tanzanians to develop the culture of testing in order to know their health status, saying that by so doing they would be able to live longer and comfortably.

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